Sunny Acres Aria

DOB: 2/10/2018

Color/Pattern: Sundgau with white

Eye Color: Brown

Horn Status: Disbudded

Registration: NONE

"Aria," named after a long song accompanied by a solo voice. When we picked up Aria, she was screaming and only settled down when the music came on. Sold to us unregistered, Aria was purchased from a long line of amazingly heavy dairy, Nubians. We love the capacity of her lines, and the ease of milk-ability with perfect teats. She has proven her worth with 1 freshening under her belt; a doeling {Marble}.


 Sunnybabys Casey 

Dam's Dam: Sunnybabys Dot 

Dam's Sire: O'Green-Acres Willy

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with our pedigree

Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats.