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OBFCNY SK Black and White

Black and White was one of three kids born to our farm in 2019; our 2nd set of registerable babies on the ground in our name! We chose to put down her dam, Sinai Thunder AD Shaddai (Sunny), due to an unfortunate lung issue she came to our farm with, completely undisclosed to us from who we purchased her from (not the original breeder). It was heartbreaking to decide to put her down after not even owning her for a year, but she was suffering. I couldn't bear to sell any of her kids so they are here to stay. Black and White, Sunny's Phoenix, and her brother Cut to the Chase, are all retained.   

We truly admire her original breeder's program; the goats behind Black and White's dam's side are just incredible and beautiful! We are so pleased to keep Sinai Thunder lines throughout our foundation does and bucks!

Black and White in 2023 was a first freshener producing twin doe kids, one was breach and DOA. Black and White's FF udder is beautiful with plump teats, a nice medial clearly defined, with a well rounded fore udder and udder shape. 

Barn Name: Black and White

ADGA # D-2077754

DOB: 11/7/2019

SIRE: CH LaRoys Gr8 ILG Sterling Knight

S: LaRoys Gr8 LCJF Ironhorse Luke

SS: CH The Cathy Ochrym IW Jack Frost VEV87
SD: CUatLilRedBarn Lucy Clover

D: LaRoys Gr8 TW Blu Grace of God
DS: Laurel Haven Tiowa

DD: LaRoys Gr8 Stormy Eve's Dream +++A81

DAM: Sinai Thunder AD Shaddai

S: Sinai Thunder V Agnus Dei +*B ST

SS: Sycamore SS Peg Valor +*B ST

SD: SG Little Tots Estate ST Tiqvah 2*M VEEE91

D: Sinai Thunder A Rose Of Sharon 2*M VVEV87

DS: Olson Acres RC Augustine ++*B

DD: Caprakoza SG Guns N' Roses 1*M VEEE90

Daughters From Black and White

Udders Behind BW

Screenshot 2023-07-06 165422.jpg

Sinai Thunder AD Shaddai


SG Little Tots Estate ST Tiqvah 2*M VEEE91

  SG Little Tots Estate ST Tiqvah 2*M VEEE91

Photo property of Sinai Thunder
Dam's Sire's Dam

 Caprakoza SG Guns N' Roses 1*M VEEE90

 Caprakoza SG Guns N' Roses 1*M VEEE90

Photo property of Sinai Thunder
Dam's Dam's Dam


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