Ridgely Acres BB Norsk

Dam: AGS T-N-T's Kahlua

Sire: Top Flight BF Bilbo Baggins

DOB: 2/5/2019


Color/Pattern: Cream w/moonspots

Eye Color: Blue

Horn Status: Disbudded

Registration: American Dairy Goat Association

"Buddy" was shipped in from Maryland! He is our pitiful buckling, but we love him dearly. Shortly after arriving, a goat we no longer have, bit half of one ear off of him! Poor guy! He also had Coccidia unbeknownst to us, and has not grown despite being a year old. We have cleared the trouble and he is on the up and up; trying to make up for lost breeding time by going after any goat that moves! LOL


AGS T-N-T's Kahluha

Dam's Dam: AGS T-N-T's Ima Figment

Dam's Sire: AGS Green Sky Sam Zieber 

We are members of both


with our pedigree

Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats.