Ridgely Acres BB Norsk

Dam: AGS T-N-T's Kahlua

Sire: Top Flight BF Bilbo Baggins

DOB: 2/5/2019


Color/Pattern: Cream w/moonspots

Eye Color: Blue

Horn Status: Disbudded

Registration: American Dairy Goat Association

"Buddy" was purchased from Ridgely Acres, in MD, and transported here to us. Buddy is a gorgeous little buck in the making, and we are thrilled to see the day he sires his own progeny! He has some real beauties in his pedigree! Buddy was one of quads!!

Dam: AGS T-N-T's Kahluha

Dam's Dam: AGS T-N-T's Ima Figment

Dam's Sire: AGS Green Sky Sam Zieber 

Photo property of Ridgely Acres

Sire: Top Flight BF Bilbo Baggins

Sire's Dam: 1*M Gypsy Moon DH Hobbit


Sire's Sire: *B Farm Oldesouth BBS Blu Frost *DNA*

Photo property of Ridgley Acres

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Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats.