Ridgely acres BB Norsk

ADGA # D-2053577

DOB: 2/5/2019


Right Ear: RAMS Left Ear: L30


Color: Cream w/moon spots

Eyes: Blue

Horn Status: Horned

Dam: T-N-T's Kaluha

ADGA # D-1887497

Photo Property of Ridgely Acres

S: Green Sky Sam Zieber

SS: Piddlin Acres Samurai

SD:  Buttin' Heads Dulzipmer

D: T-N-T-'s Ima Figment

DS: Tiny Town Big Thunder

DD: Cornerstone Farm Seirah

Sire: Top Flight BF Bilbo Baggins

ADGA # D-1922424

Photo Property of Ridgely Acres

S: Farm Oldesouth BBS Blu Frost *B

SS: CH Farm OldeSouth Blue Blanc Sabr VVE88

SD:  SG Farm OldeSouth Be Bop Sassy

D: Gypsy Moon DH Hobbit 1*M VEEE90

DS: CH Algedi Farm DJ Drops Of Honey

DD: Gypsy Moon SS Twighlight

We are members of both the ADGA & AGS  with our pedigree Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats. 

We are closed to the public
Absolutely no trespassing

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