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ADGA # D-2243160

DOB: 3/14/2022

SIRE: Lena's Kid's L SharpShooter *B

S: Sinai Thunder O Leopold *B +VV85

SS: SG Cedar View Olivero +*B VEV88
SD: SG Sinai Thunder AG Comet 2*M VEE90

D: Lena's Kid's T Glamour 3*M V+E+85
DS: CH Sycamore SS MG Trace *B VEE90
DD: Lena's Kid's C Nutmeg 2*M ++EV84

DAM: Hollands Haven Pixie

S: Old Mountain Farm Toru Quinn

SS: Old Mountain Farm InLikeQuinn +*B

SD: Old Mountain Farm Tsukiko

D: Softwine Demitasse

DS: Flat Rocks Gem's Legacy +B VEEE88

DD: Softwine Violet

Udders Behind Arabesque

Images from Sinai Thunder, Rollin' Hills Farm, Valley's-Edge Farm, & Barb Norcross.

Ebarb Dreamers Drama VEV+85
Ebarb Dreamers Drama VEV+85

DDD: Ebarb Dreamers Drama VEV+85

Pedigree In Pictures

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