Do you know the difference between store bought eggs and O'Brien Farm's Fresh Eggs? 

Lets compare the FACTS!


We don't keep our birds locked tight in cages or in cramped conditions, like factory farms do. On the contrary, our birds live free, and have the right to ROAM!


 We purchased our random breeds for the love of chickens! We enjoy the types, colors and sizes there are among different breeds. We only started selling eggs because they laid so much more than we could use, and were not interested in waste. Because we sell their eggs, the money we make buys their feed and allows us to improve their coop each year to benefit the birds. 


We do not offer lights to keep them producing when their bodies need a break unlike other local producers. We have natural light pouring into their coop through two floor-to-ceiling windows. When the sun goes down, the birds naturally roost and fall asleep as they should.


Factory farms use the term "cage free" to describe the housing for their flock, but don't let them fool you. Their birds live in cramped, immense sized buildings with no perches or roosts; where the chickens are forced to trample each other on the ground, eating and living in their waste. Say no to deplorable factory farming!

We love our birds! And you're sure to love their TASTY eggs! you'll notice the difference!

Sign up with the following delivery options:

$20 - One month {4 consecutive weeks} 

$10 - Bi- Weekly {2 weeks in a month}

$5 - One time delivery of one dozen

Once a week we deliver our eggs. Plans must be paid in full for each term via cash or PayPal ( To be added to our delivery schedule, you may engage in a chat window, send us a message on Facebook, or fill out the form below.


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with our pedigree

Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats.