Nigerian Dwarf

& Nubian Goats

Because two breeds are better than one!

We each had our own likes when it came to breeds so we got one of each! But goats are like potato chips and you can't just have one now can ya? 2017 - 2019 CAE NEGATIVE HERD

Nigerian Dwarf goats are a miniature dairy breed that can produce several pounds of milk per day with a high butterfat content. ND's are short standing no taller than 23.5" (bucks) at the withers (shoulders); females being 22.5"or less. Typical weight is 65-ish lbs. ND's are bouncy, curious and full of fun. They make excellent pets and eat far less than standard sized goat breeds (awesome). Colors and patterns set this breed apart from Pygmy's and other breeds with many variations and also the natural ability to have blue eyes!

Nubians are a standard (large) sized breed of goat. They are characterized and easily identifiable by their size, roman nose, and long pendulous ears! These are the big cuddly goat version of a Saint Bernard dog; being often aloof, lazy, and loving. Not known to be escape artists, Nubians are and easy care breed and great with kids. Males are approximately 32" at the withers while females are 30". Goats will reach 130-160 lbs and will eat you out of house and home! This breed will win you over with their gentle personalities and pure cuteness. Nubians average 1,800 lbs of milk in a lactation period!!!


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