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Our herd has tested negative for CAE for three consecutive years from 2017, 2018, and 2019 present. No other diseases or viruses have been presented within our herd. We aim to keep a disease free farm at all times. 

Goat kids are dam raised while also being subjected to constant human interaction. Dam raised goat kids are healthier, have better coats, and learn important skills that only goats can teach versus bottle raised kids. We do not sell bottle babies. 

Goat kids are available to new homes upon weaning, usually between 8-10 weeks of age. Half down, non-refundable deposits are required to hold your reservation.

Conditions may apply in cold weather months for the animal's safety. 

Pricing depends on quality of pedigree, quality of goats produced, color and pattern, and horn status (ie: polled vs disbudded). 

Unregistered Prices

Does - $350+

Bucks - $200+

Registered Prices

Does - $450+

Bucks - $350+

Wish List:

 Rae of Sunshine Farm

Silver; registered; doeling

Jasmine Coffman

Silver or gold, moonspots; registered; doeling or buckling

Hidden Hollow Farm

Moonspotted; registered; doeling or buckling


1. O'Brien Farm does NOT vaccinate our goat kids with CD/T or Rabies.

2. O'Brien Farm does NOT worm goat kids unless they have worms. 

3. O'Brien Farm does NOT wether (castrate) bucklings at weaning. 

We choose not to vaccinate as goats can still contract tetanus, etc. even after being vaccinated. Vaccinations need to be given every year, they will never have full immunity against what you vacinate for. You are welcome to vaccinate your goat kids at your own leisure once they leave the farm if you choose to.

We do not worm goats casually, especially young goat kids. Resistance to wormers is very real, and it's imperative that you only treat when worms are present as wormers are intended to affect parasites, not healthy organs. A goat's attitude will be a good indicator of worms, but it's best to check FAMACHA scoring, followed by a fecal exam with your farm vet to understand precisely how to treat your specific parasite(s). 

We choose not to wether bucklings at 2 months of age as the animal has much more growing to do. Hormones help the body develop and grow correctly. We encourage buyers of bucklings to wether 6 months - 1 year, no longer, by banding. For more information, consult your farm vet. 

**Pictures will be updated as the goats age on our farm as most are taken at a few days old**

K12 Unregistered Doeling $350


Solid Black


Brown Eyes

Twin 1/2

DOB 10/11/2019

Dam: O'Brien Farm's Tulip (Unregistered)

Sire: Laroys Gr8 ILG Sterling Knight (ADGA Registered)

K13 Unregistered Doeling $350


Medium buckskin with white & frosting


Brown Eyes

Twin 2/2

DOB 10/11/2019

Dam: O'Brien Farm's Tulip (Unregistered)

Sire: Laroys Gr8 ILG Sterling Knight (ADGA Registered) 


L3 Buckling

Chocolate buckskin with frosting & blue eyes


Blue Eyes

Triplet 3/3

DOB 11/5/2019

Dam & sire pedigree below


L6 Buckling

Buckskin with roaning and white


Brown Eyes

Triplet 3/3

DOB 11/7/2019

Dam & sire pedigree below


L2 Doeling

Chocolate buckskin with white


Brown Eyes

Triplet 2/3

DOB 11/5/2019

Dam & sire pedigree below

Dam: Kyeema Ridge Dust In the Wind's Pedigree 

Dam: Kyeema Ridge Grand Illusion 

Dam's Dam: Kyeema Ridge GT Mystify

Dam's Sire: AGS Dragonfly Hx Altjira 

Sire: Kyeema Ridge Butch Cassidy 

Sire's Dam: SG Kyeema Ridge MS Madison Blues 

Sire's Sire: Dragonfly CRH Renegade (AI) 

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O'Brien Farm is located in Parish, NY. We are a small, local farm in the greater CNY region. 30 Minutes north of Destiny USA Mall in Syracuse, NY. 





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