Sale Terms & Conditions

O'Brien Farm CNY retains the right to withhold or retract sales of any animal to any individual, even if a deposit has been made. Our top priority is our animals' safety and well being in their future homes, and will deny a sale as we see fit. Animals need to have proper feed, containment and housing to thrive, and a disease free environment;

no exceptions. 


If you currently own goats, you must provide proof of negative disease status in your entire herd for CAE, CL, and Johnes to purchase any of our goats. If you've had animals with these diseases in the past at the same property, confidential disclosure is needed before purchase for safety reasons.

All sales are final, except in the event there is a physical disability/deformity inhibiting a normal life, or,  veterinarian proven breeding deficiencies. In either event, we will replace the animal with another of equal value to your liking or seek alternative accommodation. Other situations or conditions may apply, and are based on circumstance.


We reserve the right to FIRST BUYBACK if you decide to sell our animals after purchase at anytime. Contact us directly.


Once any animal leaves the property, it is up to you to maintain its health. We are not liable for the animal(s) once they leave our farm as many factors apply to the health and well being of said animal(s).


Registerable goats will carry our desired herdname, no exceptions unless otherwise indicated. 

Half down deposit required to hold any animal(s) until pickup.

Questions? Please ask!

We Don't Vaccinate

Did you know, that vaccinations do not provide immunity? Contraction is always a possibility, even if you vaccinate! Not vaccinating is our personal choice based on what works for us on our farm. Different environments may warrant vaccinations, and we encourage you to do your own research and vaccinate if it best suits your needs. You may vaccinate our animals once purchased and in your care if you choose!

We Don't Wether

We choose not to wether bucklings at 2 months of age as the bucklings have much more growing to do!

 Hormones help the body develop and grow correctly.

We encourage buyers of bucklings to wether around 6 months. 

Worm only when Necessary

We do not worm young goat kids, unless their fecal exams provide reason to. Resistance to wormers is very real, and it's imperative that you only treat when worms are present.


Wormers are intended to affect parasites, not healthy organs. A fecal exam by your farm vet will determine how to best treat your specific parasite(s).

Interested in showing?

O'Brien Farm CNY encourages breed development and standards through showing, linear appraisals, and milk tests. If you are a performance home, we would like to reward you for participating with our animals. 

We offer low cost purchase prices on well-pedigree animals to active show participants. If you plan to show, please let us know so we can discuss it further! 


We also offer discounts to:

- Law Enforcement

- Fire & Rescue 

- & Military Families 


We are members of both


with our pedigree

Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats.