Sumac Acres D Cloud Nine

ADGA # D-2116772

AGS # D-100416

SIRE: BRF Brouty's Dozer

S: MoonFlower Farm Elwood

SS: Buffalo Creek Farm YankeeRebel

SD: MoonFlower Farm FullMoon Sky

D: BRF Brouty's Serenity
DS: MiddleGrove Tornado
DD: BMB Farm Noodle

DAM: Sumac Acres AJ Peral

S: Lil' Rock Farm Ajax

SS: Tiny Angels Lil' Ralphie

SD: One Willow G Lil' Calypso

D: Sumac Acres GG Flowe Blossom

DS: Chenango-Hills TT Gil-Galad *S

DD:  Dawnland TCP Butterfly Wings

Images from Jovial Acres.

BRF Brouty's Dozer
Moonflower Farm Elwood
Sumac Acres AJ Peral
Lil' Rock Farm Ajax
Tiny Angels Lil' Ralphie
One Willow G Lil' Calypso
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We are members of both the ADGA & AGS  with our pedigree Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats. 

We are closed to the public
Absolutely no trespassing

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