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Agreeance to this policy is binding for all goat sales when a deposit and final payment are made. By purchasing and transferring money,  you agree to all terms listed herein. 


O'Brien Farm CNY retains the right to withhold or retract sales of any animal to any individual at anytime, even if a deposit has been made. Our top priority is our animals' safety and well being in their future homes. Animals need to have proper feed, containment and housing to thrive as well as a disease free environment, attention and best regards; no exceptions. 


If you currently own goats, you must provide CURRENT proof of negative disease status in your entire herd for CAE, CL, and Johnes to purchase any of our goats. If you've had animals with these diseases in the past on the same property, confidential disclosure is needed before purchase for safety reasons; including but not limited to Orf. We only accept the responsible breeding  of livestock and proper management; no sale is worth any animal's right to a healthy life.

All sales are final, except in the event there is a physical disability/deformity inhibiting a normal life, or,  veterinarian proven breeding deficiencies. In either event, we will replace the animal with another of equal value to your liking or seek alternative accommodation. Other situations or conditions may apply, and are based exclusively on circumstantial basis.


** We reserve the right to FIRST BUYBACK; meaning in the event you decide to ever sell the animals purchased from us, we are offered the animal back FIRST before anyone else, and the animal(s) may not be sold to anyone else until we decline. We agree to make a decision within 12 hours of notification being received and acknowledged.  The animal(s) will be sold back to us at the original purchase price. **


Once any animal leaves the property it is up to you to maintain its health. We are not liable for the animal(s) once they leave our farm as many factors apply to the health and well being of said animal(s).


Register-able goats will carry our desired name, unless otherwise indicated. 

Half down deposit required to hold any animal(s) until pickup.


We don't vaccinate

We choose not to vaccinate because it does not equal immunity. In many cases, treatment is still required with any exposure. We urge you to do your own research and evaluate your potential risk levels on your farm. We welcome you to vaccinate our animals once you purchase them if you see fit!  

De-worm only when necessary

We do not de-worm young goat kids unless their fecal exams provide reason to. We run fecal tests before take home dates to be sure they are not bringing anything to your farm! Resistance to de-wormer medication is very real and it's imperative that you only treat when worms are present.


De-wormers are intended to affect and treat parasites, not healthy organs. If you suspect parasites due to a change in attitude, inactivity, lack of appetite, a poor body condition, and/or a low FAMACHA score, a fecal exam is needed by your farm vet to determine which parasite is infecting your animals, as well as how to treat them appropriately. One de-wormer doesn't cover everything; always check with your vet. Your vet is #1 in any emergency or questionable circumstance, not Facebook. Contacting your professional breeder is smart as well!

We don't wether

We choose not to wether bucklings at 2 months of age as the bucklings have much more growing to do! Hormones help the body develop and grow correctly. We encourage buyers of bucklings to wether by/around 6 months. Keep males and females separate, but always with a same gendered buddy!

Sales Policy

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