Heavy Cream/Whipped Cream/Butter, YAAAS

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

Homemade butter recipe anyone? Yes please! Here is the best version on how to make butter at home with a stand mixer or a hand mixer.

For us, making things we have available to us first hand is necessity. We breed goats to sell kids, but also to produce milk to feed our family as well! There are so many things you can do with fresh milk, and I can say proudly with 2 gallons of fresh goats milk in the refrigerator, I need to get to the cheese makin'! But for today, I just want to stick to butter. "Stick," hah, see what I did there? (Cuz butter comes in sticks....okay anyways here we go!) How to make whipped cream at home. How to make butter at home.

Actual butter made from our dairy goats
Goat's Milk Butter on Raisin Toast


- Heavy Cream (1 large container)

- Table Salt (to taste)

Now, that was a pretty reasonable ingredients list!


- Garden Rake

- Hand Mixer or Stand Mixer

- Mixing Bowl

- Mixing Bowl of Cold Icy Cubey Water



1a. Pour your heavy cream into your mixing bowl if you are using a HAND MIXER. Be advised: you will be mixing for several minutes, may the force be with your wrists.

1b. If you are using a STAND MIXER, just pour your heavy cream right into the stand bowl and watch with pride and delight.

2. Turn on your mixer to medium speed, being careful not to get all splish-splashy. This is gonna take some time to turn into butter, but before it butters, it will turn into whipped cream! Surprise! I know the element of surprise isn't truly here because i've already alluded to whipped cream in the title and the following text. Anyways, SURPRISE! Once your cream turns to whipped cream, you can add sugar to it, or leave it be and just keep your whipped creamy goodness. Or, take the challenge and forward on!

3. After the whipped cream phase, things are gonna get different. The fats in the cream will begin to separate from a liquid, and will clump together. When clumps are adhering, you've got butter! Add salt to taste.

4. Remove the clumps and clump them into a clump. Take your clumpity clump to your mixing bowl filled with cold icy water, and dip it in! This ice bath will help to solidify your butter, so that it doesn't get wild on ya. From here, take your butter and mold it into your desired shape and store it away in your refrigerator. I balled mine up and put it into a mini chicken shaped dish I got from an antique store in Pulaski, NY.

5. Eats.

6. OH, the liquid left over is PURE BUTTERMILK. So, save it for baking, or toss it, whatever you prefer!

That's it. I know it wasn't an entirely straight road to the finale, but you've made it. It will be much easier next time you make it without my commentary. Just scroll to this part: Just pour heavy cream in a mix bowl and mix until it fricken turns to butter. You're done. :)

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