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Updated: Apr 20, 2018

DIY - Do It Yourself. Ahh, the fun and fabulous Pinterest category we all seek when we are trying to save a buck or want that homemade charm, right? Well, I gotta tell ya, we DIY life. That's right, just about everything around here was done by us!

DIY may not be for everyone, but there's a few things i'd like to share that have changed my life forever. The pride that comes with being able to accomplish so much has truly inspired me to be more proactive in my capabilities as a human. Did that make sense? Basically, we get shit done and we are proud of it!

The photo above is when Liam decided to build a woodshed out of pallets and some other inexpensive materials. I'm sure you might have heard of a wood burning stove. So, we used to cut down hardwood on our property, then split it all up for our wood stove. Our wood stove sat in our living room, and provided heat for our entire house. If you have ever had a campfire, you will know that burning wet wood does NOT work, it just smokes. Same as with your indoor wood burning stove. So, you need to stack and protect fresh cut wood from the elements in a dry, airy space. He had this damn thing up in a day, and, it's even movable! We will be siding it this year, photos to follow.

DIY Bathroom shower remodel
Bathroom Renovation

Here is the during renovation and after of our shower refinishing! We used to have a plastic shower surround that abutted up to the tub. Also, the water supply was on the exterior wall and always froze, so we moved it!

Our new trendy bathroom tile
Our New Trendy Bathroom Tile

Some of our other projects include, BUILDING OUR ENTIRE HOUSE FROM SCRATCH. This sounds like an exaggeration, but it isn't. We converted a 2 car garage into a home, so we build walls, floors, had plumbing and electrical done, drywall, tile, hardwoods, windows, doors, insulation, ceilings, and if you can think of anything else, just add that because we probably did it.

Above you can see halfway through our process of changing our bathroom up. We installed the tile, with the help of our very good friend, and it is looking like a whole new space. Please pardon my fern, she likes to shower with the curtain open.

I can't explain the sense of accomplishment that has come along with the things we have built. And I really only touched on a few things! Maybe sometime in the future I will highlight some other projects.

If you have any questions, just ask! We used to own a construction company, and know how to handle a lot of projects. (WE ARE NOT LOOKING TO DO ANYMORE WORK) But we will share the process if you want to DIY. <3

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