Sumac Acres S War Effort

Dam: Sumac Acres YLM Sunny

Sire: Sumac Acres AJ Stoney

DOB: 3/7/2019




Color/Pattern: Gold w/white, and moonspots

Eye Color: Blue

Horn Status: Disbudded

Registration: American Goat Society

"Tonka" was a YES immediately when I saw him. He showed so much strength, and a huge head for a kid! He is progressing nicely and we are excited to use him for breeding this year!

Dam: Sumac Acres YLM Sunny

Dam's Dam: God's love Farm KissFromaRose

Dam's Sire: Crazy Acres MZ Ya Lookin At Me

Sire: Sumac Acres AJ Stoney

Sire's Dam: Dawnland Sorcerer's Verbena

Sire's Sire: Lil' Rock Farm Ajax

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Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats.