We're Liam & Danielle of O'Brien Farm CNY! Our little slice of heaven is located centrally in New York state on 24-ish acres of hardwood forest. We love all 4 seasons New York has to offer, even if it makes farming a challenge. Summer is easy; animals are happy, enthusiastic, and enjoying the nice days just as much as we do. Fall is gorgeous, and the temperatures and lack of bugs are a great reward for tolerating the summer temps and humidity. Winter offers snowmobiling, skiing, and absolutely no muddy dog paws throughout the house with a chance to curl up by the stove, and spring is a true renewal - a time to start fresh with abundant new life. 

Our farm goal is to breed conformationally correct, show-quality Nigerian Dwarf goats with amazing udders for anyone to be able to show, milk, homestead, and enjoy the company of! O'Brien Farm CNY is registered with the American Dairy Goat Association as well as with the American Goat Society operating under the herd name, "OBFCNY".

Our herd has always tested negative for CAE/CL/Johnes each year, making us a disease free herd. We take this very seriously, and encourage buyers to have a high standard for what they bring into their own farms, regardless of where they come from. Don't take anyone's word for testing, always ask to see paperwork and be sure it's current for all goats on the premises.