LaRoys Gr8 ILG Sterling Knight

Dam: LaRoys Gr8 TW Blu Grace of God

Sire: LaRoys Gr8 LCJF Ironhorse Luke


Senior Buck

14 Does

8 Bucks


  Dam: Sumac Acres HT Olive Branch

Sire: LaRoys Gr8 ILG Sterling Knight  

Junior Buck

OBFCNY SK Cut To The Chase

Dam: Sinai Thunder AD Shaddai

Sire: LaRoys Gr8 ILG Sterling Knight

Junior Buck

Lena's Kid's L Sharpshooter *B

Dam: Lena's Kid's T Glamour 3*M

Sire: Sinai Thunder O Leopold *B

Junior Buck

Sumac Acres S War Effort

  Dam: Sumac Acres YLM Sunny

Sire: Sumac Acres AJ Stoney  

Junior Buck

Clothier Acres _____

Dam: Ebarb Dramas Dancer

Sire: Tiny Angels A Tango


Ridgley Acres BB Norsk

Dam: T-N-T's Kahlua

Sire: Top Flight BF Bilbo Baggins

Junior Buck

O'Brien Farm's Bandit



Senior Buck

4 Does

1 Buck

We are members of both the ADGA & AGS  with our pedigree Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats. 

We are closed to the public
Absolutely no trespassing

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