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Goats For Sale

Our herd has is negative for CAE/Cl/Johnes. No other diseases or viruses have been presented within our herd. We encourage goat buyers and breeders to test, cull, and keep a disease free farm at all times to prevent the spread of contagious and degenerative diseases.

Our goat kids are dam typically dam-raised while being subjected to constant human interaction. We prefer to let moms and babies stay together during development and growth and find that they pick up on essential goat survival behaviors sooner like eating solids and herd socialization.


** We do not sell bottle babies to anyone inexperienced **

Goat kids are available to new homes upon weaning, usually between 8-10 weeks of age. Half down, non-refundable deposits are required if you would like to hold a specific reservation.

Terms and conditions apply; read our policy page. 

Pricing is first based on the quality of the goats produced followed by their pedigree contributors. 

Before continuing on, please visit our "Sales Policy" page. If you agree with our policy, please review our "Kidding Schedule" page to find our pairings. If you are interested in a future goat from our farm, please visit our "Purchaser Questionnaire" page and fill out the online form. If we don't have anything available we may not contact you immediately. You are welcome to follow up with us by email, FB, or phone for convenience. 

Check back in spring 2023

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