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May is probably one of my favorites on the move. She is so level and long and her sleek black shiny coat catch the eye! She has always had an exceptionally flat rump even as a kid which has become even more desirable through maturity. I think this doe is extremely underrated and over looked in my herd for being a solid dark color, but if you watch her you will see why she is a serious favorite of mine.

May's sire is "OBFCNY SK Tiesto," son of our 2023 finished champion, "CH LaRoys GR8 ILG Sterling Knight." Tiesto and Sterling Knight both have a fantastic show career with beautiful and productive daughters behind them both. 

May is a FF as of 2023 and had quads! Her udder is very wide, has plump teats, great medial, and great fore and rear udder attachments alike! Like her half sister Silber Belle, her sire Tiesto has stamped a beautiful mammary system on these girls!


I can't wait for next year's growth and further  mammary development in capacity! We truly love this girl and are so proud to have bred and raised her here.    

Barn Name: May

ADGA # D-2178732

DOB: 4/25/2021


S: LaRoys Gr8 ILG Sterling Knight

SS: LaRoys Gr8 LCJF Ironhorse Luke
SD: LaRoys Gr8 TW Blu Grace of God

D: Sumac Acres HT Olive Branch
DS: Swallow Hill FF High Tide 

DD: Sumac Acres Tara

DAM: Sumac Acres AJ Give Way

S: Lil' Rock Farm Ajax

SS: Tiny Angels T Lil' Ralphie

SD: One Willow G Lil' Calypso

D: Sumac Acres Z Autum

DS: Dawnland Curry's Zeus *S

DD: God's Love Farm KissFromARose

Show History

1 x Junior Grand Champion (1/3 Legs)

1x Junior Best of Breed

Daughters From Make Way

Udders Behind Make Way


Sumac Acres HT Olive Branch
Sire's Dam


Sumac Acres AJ Give Way


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