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OBFCNY CA Paramore

SIRE: OBFCNY SK Cut to the Chase

S: CH LaRoys Gr8 ILG Sterling Knight

SS: LaRoys GR8 LCJF Ironhorse Luke

SD: LaRoys GR8 TW Blu Grace Of God

D: Sinai Thunder AD Shaddai 

DS: Sinai Thunder V Agnus Dei +*B ST

DD: Sinai Thunder A Rose Of Sharon 2*M VVEV87

DAM: Sumac Acres Leo Avicii

S: Clothier Acres TS Leo P

SS: Tiny Angels A Tango

SD: Prairie Song DM Touch The Sky

D: Sumac Acres Tonka Milligan

DS: Sumac Acres YLM Tonka

DD:  Sumac Acres GG Zella

Barn Name: Paramore

AGS # D-114349

DOB: 5/17/2022

ADGA Genetics

Udders Behind Paramore

Sinai Thunder AD Shaddai
Sinai Thunder AD Shaddai

SD: Sinai Thunder AD Shaddai

Photos property of Eagle Meadows

Sinai Thunder A Rose of Sharon 2*M
Sinai Thunder A Rose of Sharon 2*M

SDD: Sinai Thunder A Rose of Sharon 2*M VVEV87

Photos property of Sinai Thunder

Sumac Acres Leo Avicii
Sumac Acres Leo Avicii

D: Sumac Acres Leo Avicii

Photos property of O'Brien Farm


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