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OBFCNY DC Silhouette

OBFCNY DC Silhouette is a 2nd generation O'Brien Farm CNY breeding from OBFCNY Cut To The Chase paired with Udderly TopNotch LJ Ditto. This doe is long, smoothly blended from hips up to her neck, and has so much dairy character! She is wide through her barrel through and through, and looks so level on the move!

As a baby, Silhouette showed a lot of femininity and dairy character. That has held true up to a dry yearling, and I hate to play favorites but I think she is my favorite! She shares a lot of characteristics with her grandsire including her attitude! She is so naughty in the show ring but at home she is just as sweet as pie! 

Silhouette has a long rump which I'm hoping translates into a really beautiful fore udder like her dam and sire's side. I am anticipating her freshening next spring and a lot of consideration on her pairing will be had! 

Silhouette recently received a Junior Best in Show award, Junior Grand Champion, and 2 Junior Reserve Champion awards at her 3rd and 4th show to date!

Barn Name: Silhouette

ADGA # D-2243156

DOB: 3/23/2022

SIRE: OBFCNY SK Cut To The Chase
SS: LaRoys Gr8 ILG Sterling Knight
SSS: LaRoys Gr8 LCJF Ironhorse Luke
SSD: LaRoys Gr8 TW Blu Grace Of God

SD: Sinai Thunder AD Shaddai
SDS: Sinai Thunder V Agnus De
i  +*B ST
SDD: Sinai Thunder A Rose Of Sharon 2*M VVEV87

DAM: Udderly TopNotch LJ Ditto 1*M
DS: GCH J-Nels L Legendary Journey +*B EEE91
DSS: Rosasharn SH Legend +*B ++V84
DSD: SGCH J-Nels LY Spatzle 3*M VEEE9

DD: CUAtLilRedBarn Annie
DDS: CUat Lil'Red Barn Fizzel

DDD: SGCH Old Mountain Farm Sultry 3*M VEEE91

Show History

1 x Junior Grand Champion (1/3 Legs)

2x Junior Reserve Grand Champion
1x Best In Show

Udders Behind Silhouette

Sinai Thunder AD Shaddai

Sinai Thunder AD Shaddai

Photo property of Eagle Meadows

Sire's Dam

 SGCH J-Nels LY Spatzle 3*M VEEE90 

 SGCH J-Nels LY Spatzle 3*M VEEE90 

Photo property of Udderly TopNotch
Dam's Sire's Dam

Sinai Thunder A Rose of Sharon 2*M VVEV87

Sinai Thunder A Rose of Sharon 2*M VVEV87

Photo property of Sinai Thunder
Sire's Dam's Dam

SGCH Old Mountain Farm Sutltry 3*M VEEE91 

SGCH Old Mountain Farm Sultry 3*M VEEE91 

Photo property of Old Mountain Farm 
Dam's Dam's Dam

Udderly TopNotch LJ Ditto 1*M

Udderly TopNotch LJ Ditto 1*M

Photo property of Udderly TopNotch


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