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Rae of Sunshine DB LadyLibrety

Libby was purchased from formerly October Dreams Farm, who underwent a name change to Rae of Sunshine, owned by Tim and Leah Miller. Libby was a daughter to their favorite doe, "Nugget." I originally saw a buckling available but he was snatched up too quickly. I did see Libby available though and couldn't resist!   

Libby has some beautiful does behind her and I get complimented on Libby for being a "nice silver" quite often! This color is prominent in the pet market so it's nice to come across a well bred doe.  

Libby consistently gives me conformationally attractive babies. Two of her daughters, Silver Belle and Ramona are built so similarly to one another; I am excited to see Ramona become a FF in 2024. 

Libby is a smaller doe, proportionate, with a well rounded udder. She is an incredible doe, but will remain a brood doe due to her smaller stature. I will continue to prove out her inherited traits through her offspring; Silver Belle is a real crowd pleaser and hopefully Ramona will follow in her tracks!

Libby has a wonderful disposition and is very protective of her herd. She consistently defends them against our barn cats and warns them whenever squirrels come by! We love her! 

Barn Name: Libby

ADGA # D-2055169

DOB: 4/12/2018

SIRE: Pocket Sized IT Double Bubble

S: Dreahook W Interlude

SS: 4 Fun Willy Wonka
SD: MCH Dreahook June Bug

D: Pocket Sized YH Apple Strudel
DS: Pocket Sized WT Yuhoo 

DD: MCH Pocket Sized MN TootsieRoll *D E

DAM: Moon Spinner IW Wen

S: Lost Valley KW Ironwood *S*B

SS: Gay-Mor RA Kingwood  ++*S

SD: GCH Lost Valley BDC Blueberry Wine 3*M

D: Humble Acres A Jewel

DS: CH/PGCH Brush Creek Smokin' Gun +S +B

DD: Fall Creek Rambling Rose

Retained From Libby

Udders Behind Libby

MCH Dreahook June Bug

 MCH Dreahook June Bug

Photo property of Dreahook Nigerians
Sire's Sire's Dam


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