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Lena's Kid's L SharpShooter *B

Lena's Kid's L SharpShooter *B was originally purchased from a now retired NY breeder who traded goat kids with Bethany Wheller of Rollin' Hill's Farm in KY. Shooter was quickly sold before ever having kids on the ground due to being too feral and unhandleable, however, lucky for Shooter, that didn't scare me a bit! 

I'm a big fan of Jill Maple's taste at Sinai Thunder, so his pedigree was already right up my alley! Besides that, almost every goat in his pedigree has a linear appraisal score, a milk award, and titles and designations which is an incredible amount of information and consistency that anyone would desire when looking for a breeding buck. Bethany did a great job breeding Shooter, he has very nice front legs, a long rump, and width and depth for days! 


 Unfortunately, with his first set of triplets, I gave a former friend a hell of a deal for two of the doe kids and kept none for myself. That person promised me udder photos, but only sent me pictures of one doe's udder without any time into a fill and unshaven. Her words describing the udders on the two does are as follows: "They are GORGEOUS. High rear udder height, PERFECT plum teats like momma.... bodies are nice.. id keep the buck and repeat the breeding and retain their does." She later sold all of her goats, did not uphold her agreement to contact me for first rights buyback, and they were sold without my consent or knowledge on a Tennessee website similar to Craigslist so nobody would know the condition the animals were in or see them being sold on Facebook to let me know. That was a huge loss for me as far as health, safety for the does sold, and even data on daughters for my buck and breeding program. The other triplet doe has a similar udder, but pictures are also unshaven without a quality fill (non-show/non-milk home unlike the other farm) but i'm going to try and get pictures next season from them, theyre lovely people.

When I repeated the breeding in 2022, there was one doe kid of quads born and she has been retained and will freshen in 2024 named OBFCNY PS Milk. I have one other retained daughter from Shooter, OBFCNY SS Riot, who freshened in 2023 with a beautiful udder; RUH was high, and her RUA was nicely U-shaped, she has a well defined medial and well placed teats, just needs more mammary maturity that will come with time and more freshenings. 

Barn Name: Shooter

ADGA # D-2084367

DOB: 2/20/2020

SIRE:  Sinai Thunder O Leopold *B VEE90

S: SG Cedar View Olivero +*B VEV88

SS: Cedar View Josephus +*B +EV85

SD: SGCH Cedar View Isabella 4*M EEEE91

D: SG Sinai Thunder AG Comet 2*M VEE90

DS: Olson Acres RC Augustine ++*B

DD: SG Little Tots Estate ST Kowkab 1*M +VVV86

DAM: Lena's Kid's T Glamour 3*M VEEV89

S: CH Sycamore SS MG Trace *B VEE90

SS: GCH Lost Valley Mardi Gras +*B VVE88

SD:  SGCH Double Durrango Princess Sky 1*M EEEE91

D: Lena's Kid's C Nutmeg 2*M ++EV84

DS: Buttin' Heads Donated Cash +B +VV84

DD:  WGF Summer Rain 1*M VVVE87

Udders Behind Shooter

 SGCH Cedar View Isabella 4*M EEEE91

 SGCH Cedar View Isabella 4*M EEEE91

Photo property of Cedar View Nigerians
Sire's Sire's Dam

 SGCH Double Durrango Princess Sky 1*M EEEE91

SGCH Double Durrango Princess Sky 1*M EEEE91

Photo property of Sycamore Springs
Dam's Sire's Dam

SG Sinai Thunder AG Comet 2*M VEEV88

SG Sinai Thunder AG Comet 2*M VEEV88

Photo property of Sinai Thunder

Sire's Dam

Lena's Kid's C Nutmeg 2*M ++EV84

Lena's Kid's C Nutmeg 2*M ++EV84

Photo property of Rollin' Hill's Farm
Dam's Dam

Lena's Kid's T Glamour 3*M VEEV89

Lena's Kid's T Glamour 3*M VEEV89

Photo property of Rollin' Hill's Farm


WGF Summer Rain 1*M VVVE87

Photo property of Rollin' Hill's Farm
Dam's Dam's Dam

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