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SG Lena's Kid's Al's Sky 2*M VVEE89 90EX

Sky came to us in 2022 and has since freshened with 3 incredible beautiful kids! We retained one buckling "OBFCNY Voodoo" and one doeling named "OBFCNY Marathon". 

One kid was blocking the exit during freshening, creating a stalled labor for Sky. By the time we got the vet out, they all were pulled. All survived, but it was pretty traumatic for poor Sky so we decided to bottle raise her babies. She didn't like our decision at all and dried herself off! I do have some udder photos pre-freshening however, the photos above do her a better justice in the show ring. 

Sky has lovely fore and rear udder attachments, a well defined medial with plump teats, as well as brisket extension for days, a long and dairy body with such deep body capacity. 

Her offsping have inherited her best features for sure! Sky is a gentle soul, but has quite the voice when she's in heat or wants breakfast! She comes for neck scratches and on the lips kisses every time we enter the barn. 

Sky has her SG designation, milk star, has been a part of ADGA Linear Appraisal and AGS Classification as well so her scores are available on under Linear History when you look her up.

Barn Name: Sky

ADGA # D-1850897

DOB: 1/6/2017

SIRE: Sinai Thunder AD Alabanzo +*B ++V81

S: Sinai Thunder V Agnus Dei ++*B

SS: Sycamore Springs PEG Valor *S *B
SD: SG Little Tots Estate ST Tiqvah 2*M VEEE91

D: SG Little Tots Estate Allamanda 3*M EEEE91
DS: Caesar's Villa LV Eric
SGCH SM3Pines JurEn's Sugar Glider 2*M VEEE90

DAM: SGCH Lena's Kid's S Pearl 1*M VEEE90

S: AGS Ivy Creek's T Skipper

SS: God's Love Farm O Tigerboy *S

SD: All-R-Kids Daffadil

D: AGS God's Love Farm H Chloe 3*D

DS: Fairlea Hamlet VEE89

DD: God's Love Farm Nala 2*D

Milk Records

1st Lactation: 286 DIM - 652 Lbs - 36% Butter Fat - 30% Protein

2nd Lactation: 239 DIM - 673 Lbs - 23% Butter Fat - 33% Protein

3rd Lactation: 249 DIM - 1,044 Lbs - 45% Butter Fat - 49% Protein

Udders Behind Sky

SG Little Tots Estate ST Tiqvah 2*M VEEE91

SG Little Tots Estate ST Tiqvah 2*M VEEE91

Photo property of Sinai Thunder

Sire's Sire's Dam

SG Little Tots Estate Allamanda 3*M EEEE91

SG Little Tots Estate Allamanda 3*M EEEE91

Photo property of Sinai Thunder
Sire's Dam

glider udd.jpg

Clothier Acres T Arabesque

Photo property of O'Brien Farm CNY

 SGCH Lena's Kid's S Pearl 1*M VEEE90

CH Weedy Tavern Farm Lilly EEEE93

Photo property of Valley's-Edge Farm 
Dam's Sire's Dam

SGCH SM3Pines JurEn's Sugar Glider 2*M VEEE90

D: SGCH Lena's Kid's S Pearl 1*M VEEE90

Pedigree in Pictures

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